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Digital securities offer various potential applications. Until now, securities issues were only feasible for very large companies due to the complex processes and high costs involved. For project developers, securities were generally not relevant at all, which is why they resorted to the concept of a closed-end funds or crowd-investing.

As a result, very few people have thought about the exciting possibilities of using securities for corporate and project financing. Since digital securities now open up completely new and as yet unknown paths, we will use a few use cases to show you which cost-efficient and digital possibilities you could implement.

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There are already various methods of funding start-ups. From subsidies, start-up competitions, loans, venture capital to crowd investing. However, none of these methods allows start-ups to determine the parameters for their financing themselves.
Therefore, digital securities are the first chance for start-ups to provide their company with equity or debt capital in a way that best fits their corporate strategy. And even better: digital securities can be excellently combined with the above-mentioned financing methods.
Advantages of digital securities for start-ups:
  • Company sets the parameters of the Digital Security itself
  • Quick availability compared to subsidies
  • High volumes possible compared to crowd investing
  • Equity character possible compared to loans
  • High marketing effect through online brokerage of the digital security

Furthermore, a start-up can directly determine the demand for your topic in the market through digital securities and the associated online sales, as ultimately the potential future end customers of the start-ups can participate. Existing investors also have an innovative opportunity to increase their investment and support "their" start-up in entering or expanding the market.

Combination of classical financing methods and digital securities

Digital securities should not be seen as the sole method of financing, but much more as an exciting complement to existing financing methods. For example, digital securities with an equity character can be used on the one hand for the growth of the start-up company and on the other hand, due to the thus strengthened equity capital, can be helpful in taking out traditional bank loans.

Through our platform, business angels and VCs have the opportunity to secure digital securities of their already pre-financed projects even before the public start of sales.

These examples show how combinative digital securities are - we would be happy to plan the ideal implementation of a digital securities issue for all parties involved together with your start-up.

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