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Whether you are an investment company, project developer, founder, or financial service provider - we make our entire technical solution available to you as a white label. This allows you to operate your own customized platform under your own name and provide investors with attractive digital securities. What do you need? Nothing! Because we take care of everything: from the initial setup, to BAIT-compliant (german IT security standard for banks) hosting, to the provision of a liability umbrella and our entire network.


Advantages of the platform

  • Simple

    We take care of everything - you only have to tell us your wishes. Of course, we will handle the setup, adaptation, hosting, token creation and storage for you.

  • Secure

    Our system meets the BaFin requirements for IT in the financial industry - and is even considerably more secure than this standard requires.

  • User-friendly

    We have not only placed special emphasis on user-friendliness for your customers, but also on an easy-to-use system for you as a platform operator.

  • Digital

    All processes are fully digitalized, from onboarding, through creation, to sales and your customer management.

  • Scalable

    Your platform runs in the most modern cloud systems on the market, scalability is a matter of course.

  • Sustainable

    Save paper and protect the environment with our fully digitalized processes, customer management and our environmentally friendly blockchain solution

Our white label system is the most innovative and sophisticated solution for the distribution of tokenized assets and securities.

With our platform we have thought through every step, every event and every pixel several times and finally implemented it in the best possible, most user-friendly and most beautiful way.

You can look forward to a unique and understandable digital system that we are constantly developing further, which leaves nothing to be desired, is adapted to your CI and thus will not be available on the market a second time.

You want to operate your own platform?

Contact us without any obligation and we will be happy to consult you!


Product highlights

For your customers

  • Most user-friendly and innovative solution
  • Unique project presentation and enjoyable investment as well as onboarding flows
  • Modern dashboards (for administrators, project initiators and investors)


  • Full regulatory and legal compliant onboarding process
  • Fully integrated KYC video ident process
  • Permanent AML monitoring

For you as operator

  • Integration of market leading payment interfaces and partners
  • Integrated CRM system and connection to e.g. Zendesk possible
  • BAIT-compliant cloud solution: no separate server /IT specialists required
  • Use of our specially developed blockchain for regulated financial products possible
  • Limitation of access for private platforms (customer whitelisting)
  • Available as web and app version (iOS and Android)
  • Adapted to your CI and your branch of tokenization (e.g. real estate, etc.)
  • (Almost) Any individualization, special requests, token standards can be integrated

Advantages of digital securities

Digital securities are like a tailor-made suit. They adapt exactly to the issuer and its wishes and ideas. Your investors can invest directly in your digital security free of charge from anywhere in the EEA (31 countries). Your investors do not need a securities custody account to safekeep the digital securities. As a partner, you receive our innovative platform for the legally compliant and sustainable processing of digital securities issues as a complete white-label solution and do not need your own developers.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Understandable
  • Digital
  • Sustainable

Our added value for partners

8pitch is specialized in providing an individual service for partners. In addition to the typical providing of a white label platform, our services also include the planning and implementation of marketing measures, (image) video production, PR management and the provision of our network. This includes various tax consultants, lawyers, marketing agencies, PR agencies, press contacts, software developers, consultants and much more! Our goal is to offer you the maximum added value, therefore we are always expanding our range of additional services and our network. For you as a platform operator, we will of course also provide a liability umbrella if required.

You want to operate your own platform?

Contact us without any obligation and we will be happy to consult you!


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