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8pitch is the platform for digital securities of start-ups, companies and other projects. We stand for transparency, usability and quality. Discover the benefits for yourself and invest today with just a few clicks in the newest and most innovative asset class of the 21st century: digital securities!

Here's how it works

This is how investing at 8pitch works


Register in a few minutes on our website or in our app. After successful verification of your user account, you will receive exclusive access to our investment portal and can invest directly in selected digital securities.

Choose a project

Choose a project

At 8pitch you will find them all! From exciting start-ups, over proven medium-sized companies, to other projects such as real estate, renewable energies and much more! Click your way through the attractive project pages, where we will present the issuers to you with moving pictures and numerical data facts. Never before has investing been so lively, interesting and understandable.

Direct investments

Direct investments

Determine your investment amount with just a few clicks and get your digital securities directly! The best? The entire subscription process is, of course, completely digital and you don't need a securities deposit! At the end of the process you will immediately receive your securities credited and can manage them in your dashboard.

Manage investments

Manage investments

By using your innovative dashboard, you always keep an eye on your investments. In your dashboard you also receive news and other information about your investments and the companies or projects behind them, so you are always up to date. You will also be notified by us if, for example, votes, interest or dividend payments are pending. Our tip: Install the 8pitch app to have access to 8pitch anytime and anywhere and not to miss any project start!

Trading digital securities

Trading digital securities

Comming soon: Soon your digital securities will be tradable like on the stock exchange! But even until then, you will remain liquid with digital securities purchased from us: If you are planning to sell, we will be happy to handle the transaction on our internal marketplace for you!


The purchase of a security is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested.

Invest now in digital securities of approved companies and projects

  • Stay agile

    Thanks to short terms, predictable interest and dividend payments, as well as the fungibility of digital securities, you can flexibly plan your portfolio online.

  • Create your portfolio

    With 8pitch you can put together your portfolio of various digital securities. For an optimal development of your yield, we recommend diversification over a variety of projects.

  • Benefit from entrepreneurial success

    Through the acquisition of digital securities (unlike crowd investing) the success of the company or the respective project is also directly your own benefit!

Frequently asked questions

Visit our FAQ for investors, here you will find questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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